Sunday, September 23, 2012

A new look, and a Bruschetta a la Julie & Julia. For cravings that are insanely specific.

I had been meaning to move to a better layout for the blog for the longest time, but call it a creative block or just pure laziness, I could not get my head around to actually sitting down and doing it. But when I did, I spent hours and hours working on it and finally I came up with something that I liked. I hope you like it too! I have enabled preview posts so that the image-heavy post gets shorter and the page loads quicker, and basically just de-cluttered a bit :) Do tell me how you like it. Okay! This pic is too yummy so quickly on to the post!

Some cravings of mine are insanely specific. Like this one. I just got reminded of that one scene from the movie 'Julie & Julia' where Julia makes the most amazing Bruschetta for her husband.
That scene has always had me salivating no matter how full I was. I just had to have that, and I had to have that NOW.

So the Google Search began, and I came across this recipe, thankfully! I am not writing it down purely because I feel the blog deserves a few more hits than it already has.

I had no Heirloom Tomatoes so I had to make do with normal ones, but it is only a matter of time till I get my hands on some! Once again, a deceptively simple but a scrumptious treat that comes together in minutes!

Once again, the recipe is here and you cannot afford to miss it! :D 

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