Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coffee Tasting and unveiling of the new Guatemalan Blend by BRU World Cafe

I am a coffee n00b- The kind which likes only one kind of coffee : dark, strong and sweet. I was bordering on caffeine addiction at one point when I could not get enough of coffee and more than the fact that the overdose had started to damage my health with acidity and such, I gave up on coffee just because I thought it would spoil my set of teeth and affect my smile. I made the transition to Green Tea, and only a little while back have I come back to coffee, albeit in limited amounts. The only times when I have felt the strong urge to take coffee since I switched to Green Tea is only when I visit BRU world cafe.  I am not endorsing anyone here, just a personal preference. Which is why I gleefully took up an invitation from the good folks at BRU for a Coffee Tasting and the unveiling of their new premium Coffee Blend from the Exotica range, The Guatemalan.

Like I said before, there are very few people who know their coffee well. Especially in India, people are not actually aware of how a Coffee should actually be served. I have witnessed people giving away their Cappuccino for reheating because it wasn't piping hot. A Cappuccino should ideally be served warm, at about 65 degrees C. Another myth that I have come across is that people think it is a good Coffee if its bitter. So they add extra spoonfuls of coffee powder to their coffees. It also depends a great deal on the Coffee Bean.

Whatever rookie knowledge I now have about Coffee is courtesy Mr. Chiranjeevi Giri, who actually made me try the Guatemalan sans any Sugar or Milk, Warm. I did not miss my Sugar. The coffee hit the perfect balance for me. Not too bitter, not too sweet, not so hot that it would scald my tongue, and of course, very aromatic.

We also got to try the Guatemalan sans milk and sugar but this time as a cold coffee and I enjoyed this one even more!

Especially coz you get to Shake-Shake-Shake-it! :D

We got to watch the new ad featuring Shahid Kapoor for the first time too!!!

We also tried out interesting combinations like adding Caramel to our coffee but honestly I prefer it au naturale. There were also little bites to go along with so much coffee! I may have binged on the Chocolate with the Coffee Bean filled center.

The whole thing was just so amazing that I told fellow blogger Amrita, "If there is God, we would get one of those pretty looking mugs" when we were presented with this. Yes. There is a God.

I am now sipping on my perfectly made Guatemalan coffee in my giant Mug and wishing the folks at BRU all the best!

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