Thursday, October 18, 2012

Food Review: Puraani Dilli ka Zaiqa Festival at Copper Chimney, Khar, Mumbai. Accompanied with the Vlog that could have been.

Few weeks ago I was invited to review the Purani Dilli ka Zaiqa festival at the very famous chain of restaurants, Copper Chimney. One would imagine being lost in transition, especially when that someone is me, who is strongly against the concept of Butter Chicken in Mumbai and Dosas in New Delhi - They are just not as good. But Copper Chimney seems to have proven me wrong.

I am in a way glad that I am writing this review late, so late that the festival got over a week ago, but I have a way better insight and judgment in the process of delay. I was on a trip to the food Mecca, New Delhi, topped with the God of icing that we know as Amritsar, and since my trip was just after my food review experience at Copper Chimney, I went through a phase which has led me to believe that the best Butter Chicken may as well be from Mumbai, as can the Set Dosa from New Delhi. Location is not a limitation. Hence, I stand corrected.

Now that I am done with all the jibber jabber, here is how the review went! But before that, I must tell you guys the sad story of the Vlog that could have been. We wanted to shoot this review as a Video Review but thanks to my very limited technological knowledge I managed to thoroughly stuff that up. So I have used what look like poorly taken pictures which are screenshots of the original video. Amrita on the other hand is a computer wizard and has made the video possible, and you can watch it here.

The special menu for the festival comprised of a selection of delectable treats from the land of the yum including seasoned specialties like Shakarkand ki Chaat and Khameeri Roti.

While the Raj Kachori and Aloo Tikki Chaat were average, the Shakarkand Ki Chaat was too sophisticated for our liking. This is where I asserted the whole "One should never have Delhi Food in Mumbai or Dosas in Delhi, they are never good enough" theory.

But then arrived a selection of gobsmackingly delicious mains which made me change my notion. The Kebabs were to die for and the Kathi Kebab was very flavourful. The Tali Macchli was outstanding. The Apricot and Paneer Koftas were way better than any food I had on my trip across North India. Yes, THAT good. The kinda good that remains etched in your memory for a very long time.

Where we thought our meal had reached an absolute high, we were proved wrong by the most simply prepared but amazingly yummy Mutton Afghani Biryani which we managed to finish an entire portion of. It was so good that I do not have a picture of it. Other dishes that were featured were Jama Masjid ka Gosht Korma, Peethe ki Poori, Aloo Rassedar, Murg Changezi and Masala Macchli. They were mostly good.

The desserts were a disappointing end, for the Phirni tasted powdery and there could have been something way more exciting on the menu other than a Milk Barfi and a Kulfi Falooda served in a Martini Glass.

All in all, we left the premises being so stuffed that we were barely able to walk and worked out for an extra hour the following day. But was the food worth it?

This was answered all through my trip to Delhi and Amritsar where I went with high expectations and every single time I had a Kofta, I went back to that evening where I was indulging into Copper Chimney's Apricot and Paneer Koftas and the mind blowingly awesome Biryani. I guess that answers the question.

I would end this review by saying that you never know, you may just end up finding the best tasting Indian food outside India, coz location my friends, does not matter! All the best to Copper Chimney for future and thank you for the amazing meal :)


  1. the video is amazing loved the background score and your wonderful expressions makes me think of food right now !!



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