Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Things : A new series! Sofitel, Mad Over Donuts, Hard Rock Cafe, Faasos and a Cheese Overload!

I've been meaning to start this for a while now.

5 things that make me smile : Mostly about Food. But you know me, I'll put up anything!

So here it goes!

1. Lunch Buffet at Sofitel, Bandra Kurla Complex:

Tried out the brunch at Pondicherry Cafe recently, and I must say they have a pretty awesome spread! While they also have a live Pizza, Pasta and Noodle table, there are innumerable amounts of options and one could spend a leisurely time while enjoying sumptuous food! Special mention for the amazing Sushi counter and the Cold Cut and Fish station!

2. Mad Over Donuts Christmas Special: Cakelings and Christmas Donuts.

Mad Over Donuts sent over a hamper of Cupcakes they call 'Cakelings' (what a cute name!) along with some amazing Donuts for the Christmas season! 

While the Cakelings were a bit too sweet for my liking, I loved the Christmas Donuts! Try the Snowman stuffed with Custard and Chocolate, and Star filled with Mint and Chocolate for sure!

3. Hard Rock Cafe:

I am a big fan of Burgers at HRC. This time I wanted to try something else. The Spring Rolls were nice, but the Salad that accompanied them was better. Nachos were called for without beans, but even considering that, they were pretty disappointing. I think TGIF does very good Nachos. The Potato Skins with Bacon were nice too, I mean of course, they had Bacon in it :P

4. Rolls from Faasos.

I had been hearing about these rolls so much all the time, I just had to give them a try. Not only am I impressed with their delivery (under 20 minutes) they are also fresh, packed with flavor, perfect temperature and not very oily. That is a big win win in my books! Definitely recommend the Chicken and Mushroom Wrap and also the Bhuna Chicken Wrap.

5. Frozen Potato Bites baked with Orange Cayenne Pepper marinade and loaded with lots and lots of Cheese! 

Just reduce some Orange juice with Cayenne and Honey, and lots of pepper, and toss the half baked bites in it. Press them and assemble pack in the tray and load them with layers of Cheese and finish baking! Thank me later :)

How did you like my new series? Do let me know!

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  1. I have been meaning to try the lunch buffet at Sofitel for a while now. You post definitely gave me the push to go there this weekend ;) Do they offer all cuisines?

    PS. Check out my new blog post. It is a food review about a Mediterranean restaurant in South Bombay called Nico Bombay:

    Do leave a comment and let me know what you think! Cheers :)



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