Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Anniversary Yauatcha!

December is the month that makes me the happiest, what with the Christmas cheer, the mornings with a nip in the air, playing Secret Santa, baking goodies, planning how to party on the new years eve while secretly analyzing my own growth over the entire year. I am looking forward to all those Christmas Special movie nights, watching Home Alone movie marathons, and all the other RomComs, from Serendipity to Sleepless in Seattle... I already have a smile on my face as I am typing this. This December began on a rather fantastic note, as I received an invitation from one of my favourite places to dine in, Yauatcha. Yauatcha is not the place that needs any feedback, but is nice enough to still ask people and actually give the suggestions an honest thought. The scrumptious food is only an added advantage. I have never really eaten an average tasting dish here, everything is cooked to utmost perfection.

From the 1st December 2014 to the 15th December 2014, Yauatcha is celebrating their 3rd anniversary, and celebrations include all-you-can-eat Dimsums and Wine between 3 PM and 7 PM. Along with that, they have also revamped their entire menu and I was lucky enough to give it a try!

The Yin Yang Dumplings were filled with three kinds of Mushrooms and were delicately cased together so they would melt in your mouth as soon as you put them in your mouth. We also tried Prawn and Seaweed Dumplings which were nothing short of exceptional.

The Charcoal Lamb Buns were light and steaming but one bite into them and I felt that depth of the tender lamb, which was so delicious that it made everyone at the table shut their eyes for a moment and savour the pure burst of flavour. This one is definitely going to be regularly ordered!

The Crispy Sugarcane Chicken and Prawn Roll was the most wow dish served to us, presented with a lot of personality in the form of biting into a sugarcane stick while chewing into the roll, just so that underneath the crisp exterior and the tender middle, there is a sweet and juicy hit, something you would never imagine to work on paper, but hey, my palate loved it!

The Crispy Prawn and Edamame Rolls were innovative and tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before. The dish is served with a sauce alongside, and you can choose to have the sauce poured over the rolls or eat them as is. I tried them both with and without the sauce and I prefer the sauced up moist and yet crunchy goodness!

The Stir Fried Pumpkin Prawns were pure genius. The Prawns are coated in a batter made out of puréed Pumpkin and fried till tender, and the Pumpkin batter makes them taste so good!

We next tried the Lamb in Kam Hyeong sauce. I have never had Lamb so tender in India. The curry was heavily spiced but was not overwhelmingly loaded with unnecessary spices at the same time. 

Yauatcha is one of the places where I feel that the Vegetarian selection does as much justice to the customers as the Non Vegetarian ones, if not more. The 4 style vegetables proved that yet again. We had them with the Chicken and Egg White Rice, in a bowl, with chopsticks, relishing every little morsel. 

I got to try the much talked about Raspberry Delice for dessert. I have to say this, it was not worth the hype. I agree that it is a pretty looking plate but it was too sweet for my liking. That being said, while it was not up to the Yauatcha standard, it still beat the many desserts I have eaten at random places. It was still yummy!

I also tried the Jasmine Tea Cake and I have only one word to describe it... WOW. The light and airy mousse cake came with a side of ice cream and the whole plate was like a marriage made in heaven. If I had to pick one dish to recommend from Yauatcha it would definitely be the Jasmine Tea Cake, and also the Pumpkin Prawns. 

I also tried the Macarons from the dessert display at the ground floor but I was not too excited about them, I guess my Macaron love probably lies in Delhi... Or maybe Paris!

Here's wishing Yauatcha a Happy Anniversary once again and thanking them for having us over! It is always a pleasure visiting you guys!


  1. The dumplings look great! And I am sure I would have loved the Jasmine tea cake also...your pics make my mouth water! :)

  2. Oh my gosh..i have to visit this place.




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