Saturday, December 27, 2014

Of Dreams Coming True - DBS India's Chilli Paneer.

Oftentimes, I am posed with the question from the people I meet - "Why aren't you into blogging/baking full time? You're good at it. You should totally make the switch". I always smile back at them, secretly thinking to myself that I wish it were as easy as just saying it. Or thinking it. I wish it were easy to just get up and say 'I Quit'. I wish it were easy to make a new beginning without letting fear stare me in my face. That being said, Flying is my one true love, where I feel I belong. But a really cute story made me believe in dreams, and if it weren't for flying, I would have actually taken the leap of faith and taken peoples' suggestion. I'm talking about DBS Bank India's cute-sy short movie, Chilli Paneer. The movie link had over a million hits, so I just had to check out what it was all about. 

Chilli Paneer is the story of a Food Blogger from Singapore named Ken, who visits India on a family business trip. He bumps into Asha, who as it turns out is an ardent follower of his blog. They bond over food and in no time their love for food turns into feelings towards each other. A crazy idea, a dream to open their own restaurant, and soon enough they are gathering funds with the help of DBS Bank to open up their first restaurant together. It almost makes you feel like you're living the dream along with Asha and Ken, from picking the colour of the walls, to picking the right curtains, hiring the most appropriate Chef, dealing with light fixtures and other malfunctions, and eventually naming the restaurant. Then there's the whole angle of the typical Indian parents who aren't very happy with their daughter's choice of man and would rather have her settle with a well qualified desi guy who probably lives in his own predictable bubble. The grand opening shows some prominent food blogging faces in Mumbai, all attending the serene soiree and enjoying themselves to the fullest. A sigh of relief combined with a victorious smile, Ken and Asha raise a toast to each other where Asha finds a diamond ring in her champagne. The first part ends with Asha looking deep into Ken's eyes, and Ken looking back at her, reassuringly. 

The second part of DBS Chilli Paneer is far more interactive that the first one. Ken and Asha decide to open a second restaurant, away from their city, all the way in Goa. The short movie showcases Asha in various scenarios through Ken's perspective. Of course, all along, both of them are in touch with their DBS Bank representative through their iPads, discussing financial possibilities, loans, making the best decisions as they travel the city. The interactive options let you make a choice, whether you'd end up doing something completely random, like open up a restaurant on a boat, or buy a huge place from an egoistic restaurant owner, or just decide to lay low, for whatever happens, happens for the best. Based upon your choices, at the end of the movie you get to know something about your personality. As for me, I would totally end up opening the second restaurant on the boat. 

I don't know if there is going to be a part 3 to the movie, but I seriously hope there is, because it makes me believe in things. Maybe this time from Asha's perspective, showing Ken react to different situations, cooking some good food or even writing a cook book. I can take it for granted that the DBS Bank representative is going to be there with them, all along. 


  1. you already then have ur new year resolutions ready

    happy holidays :)

  2. The loaded nachos I tasted at events in New York were too good; they had on a nice lettuce on top (not iceburg) and were such a great deal overall.



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