Monday, February 23, 2015

Cheat Day! Food Review: New menu at Pizza Express, Mumbai.

I went through a phase when I was a teenager, when I wasn't even overweight, to follow every possible fad diet there was - most popularly the General Motors diet. I deprived myself of everything I felt like eating, but when I got tired of repeating the "diet" I would EAT. Like really, eat anything and every thing in sight. All we did those days was follow these stupid diets and the most workout we got in was a short walk in the park. I wish I wished it didn't happen, but I am thankful now, coz I learned my lesson the hard way.

The story is different now. Every week I treat myself with a Cheat day. It helps me stick to my eating habits even better. Besides, the system gets a much needed break, you don't get tired of your routine, and with all your plans that you follow all week, cheat days serve as the best way to reward yourself. I used to couple my cheat days with rest days earlier. But since I lift comparatively heavier weights at the gym, I now eat healthy on my rest day (I admit I drift a little bit, but that's okay) and save the hardcore cheating on my meals for the day I lift heavy weights. Last month I celebrated Cheat Day with a tasting for the new menu at Pizza Express, Veera Desai, Mumbai.

Pizza Express, BKC. Picture credits: Google Images
Pizza Express is one of the few places in Mumbai, where I have had an excellent time every single time I visit, review or no review. Thanks to my good friend Reema, I swear by their Bosco Salad and when we're working together near a Pizza Express, sharing a Bosco is almost mandatory for us. When Pizza Express invited for tasting of their new menu, I was ecstatic! Here are the items that I tried.

We started with Spiedeni di Pollo, which was essentially Chicken in Pesto served on skewers with Watermelon, Olives, Rocket and Lemon. I think the Pesto lovers will love this one! I didn't hate it either, considering I am not a fan of Pesto. They also served Spiedeni di Gamberro, which had Chili Oil marinated Prawns instead of the Pesto Chicken and I much liked that one!

We also tried the Gambaretti Picante - Prawns served in Passata, and dough sticks were served as an accompaniment. I loved this dish personally, and the dough sticks are the best accompaniment to mop up all that Tomato-ey goodness!

Next was the Watermelon and Goats Cheese Salad. I mentioned above about my loyalty towards the Bosco salad at Pizza Express, but this did not live up to the awesomeness of Bosco. Then again, Bosco is a warm salad while this one is cold. When you do feel like going out on your non cheat day, this salad is perfect with a humongous portion that will leave you feeling satisfied!

Another Salad we tried was the Pollo Affumicato, which was a complete meal in itself. Chicken, lots of leafy greens, Pomegranate seeds and a Balsamic glaze. Whats not to like?

For Pizza, we tried the Cipolla Picante Pizza, which had JalapeƱo, Green Chili and Onions as toppings. This one's quite the Zinger! Chili lovers, rejoice! People who can't eat overtly hot and spicy food can stay away from this one. (Try their Padana instead)

We also tried the Pollo Darna Pizza, whose toppings were Grilled Chicken, Smoked Chili Powder, Peppers and JalapeƱos in Arabiatta sauce. This one is a Must try! We finished this Pizza even after eating all those starters, it was that good!

I have my favourites at Pizza Express and other than their Bosco, Padana and Calabrese, I think Pizza Express makes one of the best Baked Cheesecakes in Mumbai. That makes it very difficult for me to try their new dessert items, which were gelatos and a Chocolate Mousse, but honestly nothing stood up to the mark except their Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato.

When cheat days are this fun, you look forward to them! :)

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